Master Artist - Makeup, Hair and Photography!

From the moment I had my wedding date booked, the one thing I was 150% sure of was that Racquel would be my artist. Having done two previous photoshoots with her, I knew the quality of her work, and am amazed to this day at how talented she is. With only 2 weeks to plan my wedding, we were unable to meet for a rehearsal. So my wedding and reception looks were done on the spot! Can you believe it!? I like a dramatic look and am open to any suggestions she has to offer. I am amazed at how she was able to come up with these looks on the day of my events. The common thing to say is I felt like a queen, but it goes beyond that. Racquel made me feel like I was in heaven, in a dream that I never wanted to end. And it's not just her work that makes that experience possible, it's also her personality. She is so accommodating and understanding, she really makes it feel like your day. All I can say is no bride/client will ever leave disappointed when they come to Racquel. I blindly trust her work and her as a person. Thank you Racquel for all that you have done for me in creative, bridal, and non-bridal events. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate your services and friendship

Meera Panesar