Master Artist - Makeup, Hair and Photography!

Not only is getting married stressful for any bride, getting married in a different province is overwhelming. I'm from Oakville, ON and was getting married in Surrey, BC in less than 6 months, first thing on the agenda to find a hair and makeup artist, being very unfamiliar with the wedding experts of BC, I asked my sister-in-law to be to send me some recommendations. I called around and made a consultation with Racquel Lacson at Studio 26 and we hit it off immediately and booked her for my three events (Engagement, Ceremony and Reception). My trips to BC were limited leading up to the wedding and I had my trial run a day before my events were to start (June 11), we spent the entire day together. I'm a stereotypical nerd, I wear glasses, have frizzy curly hair, work in research and work from home, and my lifestyle is very causal. As you can tell, makeup is not my expertise, I left everything to the expert, my one condition; I didn't want to look like I was wearing makeup. After figuring out the game plan at the trial, the three looks she created for me were unbelievable, all different in their own way. My engagement look, was me, soft and minimalistic, for the ceremony, my look was for everyone, total Indian bride, red lipstick and all and for the reception, was me, glammed up to the 10th degree. Racquel made me feel glamorous and confident in the way I looked and felt. For an out of town bride, you accommodated your schedule with mine and for that I am thankful. Racquel, thank you for making me embrace makeup and eventually eye lashes. And now this nerd is a married woman with a new found love for Michael Buble :)

Rapinder Sangha
Oakville, ON Canada