Master Artist - Makeup, Hair and Photography!

Racquel, You did such an amazing job for my wedding day look... The compliments were endless! You truly are an artist and you work magic with your hands. I remember telling you during my rehearsal that I just can’t picture myself as a bride... well all I have to say is, YOU showed me! Not only did you manage to make me look like a beautiful bride, you did it without changing who I am... I still looked like myself, but enhanced. I love your work! Once again, thank you so much!!!
Nitu Sandhu-Gill
Surrey, BC Canada

I wanted to say a huge thank you for making me feel like such a princes on my wedding and reception. You did an amazing job and I appreciate every effort you put into making sure you achieve the look that I wanted, thank you for also allowing me to take sleeping breaks in between lol. I had a lot of fun working with you, you are so creative and talented and you know exactly what you are doing! Thank you for everything xoxo

Nicole A Mohan
Surrey, BC Canada

Racquel was super friendly and fun to be with. The rehearsal was nice to have as I had a certain vision in mind and Racquel helped me create that look but better. When it came to the big day, Racquel worked her magic and truly made me feel like a princess. I got so many compliments from family and friends! I would recommend Racquel to everyone as she is the best in the industry!! Thank you so much Racquel!!!

Monika Dhaliwal
Winnipeg, MB Canada
I wanted to save all the future brides some time and money and let you know the secret to feeling confident on your big day! Racquel IS the dream wedding makeup artist. She has well over thousand brides under her makeup belt! Keeping it short and simple ... thanks for making me look like a million bucks Racquel!
Bavan Sekhon
Surrey, BC Canada