Master Artist - Makeup, Hair and Photography!

For years I have been looking thru your website excited to see your new bride from the weekend past and hoping that one day you could create a look for my special day. Well when the time finally came, I remember calling you to see your availability before we booked a Gurdawara. Once I knew your dates the wedding planning could begin. It has now been a year since my wedding and I look at my pictures and video and am blown away at the amazing work you did. Both my wedding and reception looks were executed amazingly by you. You are truly gifted at what you do. Not only did you bring my vision alive for my morning look, you helped me create my reception look as I was unsure as to what look I wanted to go with. You were always open to my suggestions and I really appreciated that! I also loved that you joined in with the music video prodction that was done by Studio 12 during the morning of my wedding with no hesitiation! I had so much fun with you each time we met, it was like hanging out with a friend. Even after my wedding you have been so helpful to me, I know I can call you and you are always willing to help. You put your heart into what you do and it shows in each of your clients looks. Wedding planning is always so hectic and getting the run around to get a hold of a vendor can be so annoying but with you it was so easy to get a hold of you either thru your website or by simply just calling or texting you. I love how organized you were and how easy it was for me to get any information I needed for the big day from your website. Thank you Racquel for making me look and feel like a princess at my wedding and reception. I know I will look back at my wedding pictures years from now and know that booking you was one of the best decisions I made. Not only have I met a master artist I have walked away with a friend.
Bhavan Bhullar-Bual
Surrey, BC Canada
One of the first things I started to think about during my pregnancy was how I was going to capture this most special experience Vince and I were going through. I must have looked at at a thousand different websites and a thousand different photographers. None of them were really standing out from the rest. Little did I know at the time, the person I was looking for was right underneath my nose. Why didn't I think of this before? RACQUELl!!! I've worked with Racquel for about four years now and I've watched her capture so many clients special days. She was capturing wedding days but I knew if I told her what I was looking for, she would get it dead on. Racquel works extremley hard to be the best at what she does the camera, but to make Vince feel so omfortable was another thing and he loved every minute of it! This is such a big deal for a guy! Racquel just doesn't do a job, just to do a job, she is truly excited and always inspired behind that camera. There is nobody else I would even consider to capture my families beautiful moments and I without hestitation would recommend Racquel to anyone having a baby, has had a baby or even just for those special family moments. I cannot wait to capture our little mans newborn photos with Racquel and I cannot thank her enough for making this day so perfect for us!
Leah & Vince
Surrey, BC Canada
Racquel, I cannot thank you enough for your impeccable talent as an artist, your charismatic and calm nature, and your dedication to deliver what you promise. I was also so blessed to have Dastan, who is a complete reflection of you, be a part of my big day and assist in getting me ready in the morning. His little witty comments melted my heart! Planning a wedding that was taking place in New Delhi came with its own worries and doubts for me; however, from the day of our initial consultation to the actual big day, you made me feel assured that if there was one person I could count on to deliver, it was you. I cannot thank you enough for all that you did and for how you made me feel as a bride. You are such a beautiful person inside and out and it and it shines through in the exceptional work that you do, THANK YOU!
Kiran Parmar
New Delhi, India